Tail Gunnaz PREMIER w/ Storme “Mz. Exclusive”

September 21, 2013

The PREMIER EDITION of Tail Gunnaz Magazine has ARRIVED …A Biker Mag for BIKERS By BIKERS. S/O to the Homie T.W.O. 11 My Bodyguard and one of my closest friends …Some of you may remember him from Our Visit to New York a Couple Years ago when he walked into The HK Lounge in front of me (Lookin Like the Predator w/ his dreads) …his 6’6″ 360 Lbs. Frame parted the crowd like the Red Sea …LOL. YES This is His Magazine!! We have the “WHOOTY” Storme Mz. Exclusive as our “TOP TAIL GUNNA” to lead the way Shot By My Boy from Atlanta Da Real Safado Studios aka Ralph Lenard… ANOTHA Mag in the Chitowns FINEST Publications Arsenal!! www.CFPublicationsINC.com VISIT TODAY!!