A Fabulous Man By Jewel Carter

December 18, 2008

What Every Woman should have…if she wants one!
This is my personal salute to all the “real” men out there. We know you exist. You been seen, smelt, heard and felt around the world and it’s high time we pay some homage to you! For those guys that fall a little short of their fabulousness…here’s a list, just check off the qualities as you work your way to your greatness.

There is something sexy about a “real” man. Now I’m not talking about the fictitious characters that have been served up on prime time television. I’m talking about the true, day to day, down for the crown, do-or-die dudes that we see every single day.

It’s difficult for me to put these in any particular order of importance, because the truth is that they are ALL important qualities and every fabulous man that I’ve ever met, had them all (not in equal proportions). This is what I call the “IT” list…

I…is for Integrity. For all the men out there that know who they are, not who they want or anyone else wants them to be. When you know yourself, you are less likely to be easily distracted and lured into situations or relationships that are not for you. Men that possess
Integrity is considered to also be genuine, trustworthy, truthful, fair and loyal. Integrity defined means “the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or standards”. It’s knowing the difference between right and wrong…and even when it’s easier to do wrong without reprimand, you do right.
T…is for Temperament. Having total control over your mind and body, what could be sexier than that? A man with true vision is fearless, courageous, supportive, stable and generous of his time and talents. Let me point out my interpretation of the difference between fearless and courageous. They aren’t the same thing. A man can act with courage and still have fear. Fear is the absence of faith. A fearless man never walks, talks or acts alone. He is a protector and provider and has a sense of humor to boot.

There are many fabulous men out there that don’t know it, because they’ve been too busy doing it, to be caught up in the titles. In addition, there have been far too many of us women that do not bother to mention to the men in our lives how fabulous they are. Contrary to popular belief, men love a good compliment too! They like to know that there are women that can identify and appreciate the fabulousness of a real man.

So, thank you to all the guys out there that are doing everything that they can to be all that they can. We don’t need to find our better halves; we need to find our equals. We need to be 100% individually and 200% collectively.

If you have IT…share it with the world (not literally). Mentor other young men and help them understand the difference between boys and men. Explain to them that any male can be a father, but it takes a man to be a dad.

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies and real men of the world.


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